As I said in my incredibly brief about me section, I am starting a blog about my experiences living as someone with anxiety, Asperger syndrome, and a bit of hypochondria.

On your average day in my life everything is fine.  I can be in the middle of a good book, or watching tv, going to school or generally enjoying myself without a care in the world.  Right up until that second I am not. All of a sudden I am worried, about…everything and anything.  What if it snows and its slippery and I fall and am injured.  It makes sense more now that it is winter in Canada, but decidedly less so when this worry popped up in July. I began to dread the inevitable, Winter is Coming.

These moments of dread happen often out of nowhere, and can literally take my breath away when they do. When I sleep less, if something is coming up, if I am starting something new this multiplies to something unbearable, and basically makes it feel like I am going crazy.

I know its not just me, and since talking about these things is supposed to help, I have decided to share my ongoing story about  losing it slowly.


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