So I went to start writing this and explain that the reason I haven’t posted is that the last few days have been great anxiety wise….

You know, except for right before bed.  When I was worrying about the new job I start on Monday, and whether I would be be late, what time I should leave, what I am going to wear.  I might be over or under dressed.  If I should leave my safety shoes at home, and what if they don’t remember to bring me to the lunch room or tell me when lunch is the first day.  There is also the concern that the parking lot will be improperly plowed, it will be slippery, I will fall and hurt myself, even if I don’t I will be all wet.

So now I am late, wet, hurt, inappropriately dressed, forgotten, and either missing boots I should have bought, or carrying boots I should have left at home.  And its 2 am, and the job doesn’t start till Monday.  This, is what I have classified as good days.

My eczema is flaring due to the stress and fluctuating weather, my lower back hurts, and I keep worrying that those won’t go away.  And with my new job I am going to have a lot harder time going to see the doctor, and will either have to waste my Saturday or take time off which I don’t want to do. But as I said, the last few days have been pretty good days.  It gives a bit of perspective about how things are in your life, when you try and define a good day vs.  a bad day.  Hopefully my good days start getting a bit more positive.


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