As I posted yesterday, my eczema has been flaring like crazy lately.  This basically means I have bits of rash everywhere, and its insanely itchy.  Especially my legs.

This isn’t a life threatening thing, but its irritating.  For one, I keep worrying about it. Doesn’t matter that I have had this all my life, I worry anyways.  What if it isn’t eczema, what if its psoriasis, or it could be skin cancer, what if I am really sick and I am treating this like eczema.  While it is pretty much impossible to distinguish eczema from skin cancer, I try and remind myself, that the chances of having skin cancer, breast cancer, lice, bed bugs, and damaged spine are unlikely to say the least.  It doesn’t stop that moment of overwhelming panic that leaves you breathless as you can hear your heartbeat pounding in your ears. It does make it a little shorter though.

My second problem with the itchy legs I am currently experiencing is how distracting it is.  Just sitting and not scratching my legs is taking my brainpower than you can imagine.   And well, I don’t do well with conversations as it is, but the mantra of “don’t scratch, don’t scratch” really limits things.  Hoping this resolves its self quickly, cause its been an unpleasant 24 hours.


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