So tomorrow is the first day of  my 8 month Co-op. Everyone keeps asking me the same two questions.  What are you doing, and Are you excited?  The first question I can’t answer, I am not exactly positive.

Am I excited?

That isn’t so easy to answer.  On the one hand, new job, getting paid, getting experience.  Yay!  But mostly I see all the potential hazards.  To start with I had to find an outfit to wear.  Then I had to figure out my shoes, which I mentioned earlier, and contacted my supervisor about.  This of course is a follow up to what are my first panic of do I move and sublet, or stay where I am.

The commute is an hour or more both ways, most people told me to sublet.  It is cheaper to stay where I am, and there would still be a 10-20 minute commute.  All in all I stuck with being where I am, the idea of moving, and then moving back 8 months later, or just get a room and have strangers as roommates which I am not fond of. I have to admit to hating change, so overall staying put was worth the time lost.

So now I start tomorrow.  And I have an outfit and shoes.  I then had to  choose a bag, backpacks look less professional, but a bag, and a shoe bag, and a lunch box is fine for some people, but with my coordination issues, the chance of me dropping something and breaking or losing something increases exponentially. I decided since I am a student, the backpack will be fine.  Then I worried my back will hurt, but I decided that I can’t change that either, so what will be will be.

Now, what time do I leave.  It takes 50 minutes, at 6 am.  I need to be there at 8:30, and traffic increases as it gets later. I thought about 6:45, It gives me extra time and I can get in a little early still.  But the constantly changing weather channel has me worrying about weather related traffic.  That and my parents also worried, and after a bit of discussion I am leaving at 6:30.  Meaning I have to get up at 6am.

So now I am worried about getting enough sleep, which has me wired and on edge.  Making sleeping harder overall as you may imagine.  If I go to bed too early, I wont be sleepy and will be awake all night. If I wait too late, I wont be able to get up in the morning. And my stomach will be really upset and acidic.  I picked 12, it gives me 6 hours of sleep which will makes me tired, but not completely miserable.  Really as long as I lay in bed all night I can make one day without sleep. I say this because I don’t want to be so worried about sleeping that I don’t sleep.

So at this point I haven’t even considered my first impression, what is actually going to happen when I get there.  Overall I think I will give up now and read.  I have done everything I can do, and am going to try not to worry about anything else until it actually comes to pass.


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