So today went way better than expected…I arrived early, was dressed appropriately, was no forgotten at lunch, the weather was cold but clear.  My back hurt a little, but it was manageable. Eczema decided to stop screaming for the day. Everything went as well as possible.

I was very careful to pay attention to people when we were speaking, and also to stop talking as much as possible to let them talk. Overall I think I did pretty well on that front.  I was very careful to memorize my routes, and did eventually find  my car.  Traffic was better going home than going in, and since I ended up there too early, and a lot of others did too they started sign in early.  I got an extra half hour of pay today.

The downer of the day was learning that the dress code would be business casual, but to them this meant business wear.  So no jeans.  And no high end shirts made of t-shirt material.  So I had to do a mad dash to find something to wear to work tomorrow and there is a shopping trip now scheduled for Saturday to acquire a few more nice shirts and some pants.  I also need to buy more dress socks.

This may not scream downer to you, but what you have to understand is how hard it is to buy dress clothes that both look nice, and feel good.  Feeling good consisting of not being to tight, too loose, having the right texture and not feeling bleh anywhere.  The last one being entirely arbitrary and sometimes is just feels bad.  If the clothes don’t pass the feel good test they can’t be worn as they both drive me slowly crazy and I have a tendency to pull at them which looks very immature.I should also point out they can’t feel too good either, because rubbing your hand over your clothes looks very strange.

Overall I am hoping tomorrow goes just as good as today, so far nothing major to worry about.


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