So second day of work, arrived 5 mins late, all is well, my work day went awesome.  I have lunch plans for tomorrow with a friend.  Life is goo right?  WRONG

There was a “surprise” snow storm this afternoon.  So i left about 15 mins late, plan t take my 1 hour drive home, and my GPS says 1.5 hours. It also says there is traffic in 29km.  Which is a lie, because I can see the traffic jam leading out of the parking lot onto the onramp.  I brace myself for a long drive, and turn on my audiobook.  It helps keep me distracted enough to pay attention to the road, otherwise my mind wanders from what i otherwise consider a boring task.  So I got in, and 2.5 hours later I was home.  Over an hour late for dinner.  The low blood sugar probably made the situation worse.

But it wasn’t just 2.5 hours of driving, that is easy, it was 2.5 hours of being cut off, on icy roads, sitting at a dead stop through 5 lights in a row.  And it was agonizing, I hate waiting.  Whats worse is that I had to sit in this car at high temperatures.  Usually once the windshield clears I can turn down the heat to a comfy level, but I had to keep it on high, the entire trip to keep the window unfogged, and the wipers from freezing.

About an hour into my drive it reached the boiling point as I sat through the 5 lights in a row cause the guy in front of me kept letting people in who had deliberately rode in the wrong lane and I began to melt down.  I held of for about 5 mins, before realize trying to not do this wasn’t helping and basically spent the next few ligh crying and screaming at the car ahead of me.  Then I rewound my audio book, to where it was before and the next time he went to let someone in I honked at he went forward, and I started moving again.  I have been trying to work on keeping my cool in these type of situations, but I honestly feel that sometimes its better to just go with it if you can.  It was over so much quicker that way.


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