So first and hopefully last time posting from work. I have 2 hours left in my shift and am panicking. I did some engraving in the lab. I started with gloves on, then took them off. So then my hand felt for it was burning for a second, then it stopped. Logically I know it is likely due to my very dry skin,  but I am worried I was exposed to something. Thd mid I exam it treatment more red it seems. Probably from rubbing it.

The problem with being a hypochondriac is you never know if you are losing it or you are actually injured. It’s only my fourth day and I don’t want to be known as the medical incident girl. Going to try and tough it out. Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Losing it at Work

  1. I hope you can get through the day! Nothing worse than feeling panicked at work. Try telling yourself that you can wait to examine your hand until after work, or later tonight. Not much will change by then (if you were exposed, I don’t know what it would be but hopefully it won’t be anything serious) and most likely by the time you do sit down to check, the redness and “symptoms” will be gone.


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