So today has had its own set of problems. The mostly start and end with my pants. I know it sounds dumb,but well it is what it is.

So I have limited dress pants, I generally don’t like how how the feel. I was told it was business casual, in my experience nice tops and jeans. For future students I will say that it’s straight business.

So I actually have 5 pairs,  but since I wear them with heels at special event.  So they are not hemmed. Basically I started work with two functional pairs of pants.  The obvious solution is multiple wearing without washing. But we’ll it isn’t.  I feel dirty, and after a few hours like my skin is crawling. So I ended up washing and and rewearing for the first 4 days. Didn’t have time last night.

So I ironed some other pants and am pretending they are dress pants. But they are tight.  Most people would care,  but I can feel them.  Technically you can always feel your pants,  but these are just a little tighter than usual and it drives me nuts everyone I sit down. So it’s only lunch and hopefully I can keep it together until I get home….and put on pj’s


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