So the weekend for me was hectic, I spent Saturday shopping, and was so peopled out that on Sunday I spent the entire day in my room reading.  There was an advantage to this though, I de-stressed.

So today when I got stuck in traffic and it took almost 2 hours to get to work it was fine.  I didn’t think my legs being sore was some obscure disease, I had just got stuck in a car for 2 hours.  My dry skin was solved with moisturizer, it is winter.  I actually managed to cut a finger (not deeply) with a packing tape gun, and rather than worrying what was on the labs packing tape gun, I was just like, YAY, I finished taping my package for shipping.  My first task completed.

While part of this can be attributed to a good nights sleep, I can’t help but wonder what makes last weeks traffic something to cry over, and my dry skin a deadly toxin, and today like its all good. I didn’t get much time to read last week, so i am going to try upping my reading (by extension relaxation), well I guess scheduling in some reading, and see if things get better.  Hopefully with sleep and a good book there will be more good day this week.


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