So apparently the car accident was the best part of the day.  While I am extremely calm under intense pressure, when that pressure goes away I begin to unravel.

I spent the majority of the day after the adrenaline wore off wondering if each minute muscle ache, no matter how short in duration was something a thousand times worse.  So far I predicted that I have, brain swelling, eye injury, concussion, brain bleed, whip lash, nerve damage in my back, a sprained right knee, left knee, right ankle, left ankle, a sprained elbow, and that I could have internal bleeding.

In reality my back hurt yesterday, and is in fact better today than it was yesterday.  My feet problems are probably part of my never ending quest for comfy shoes, my headache the side effect from adrenaline, the resulting crash and grinding my teeth.  The sore arm from holding my phone at my ear all morning trying to resolve the insurance issues.

Even as a right this the dull throb in my head is making me panic, and my lower back makes me worry that I have a serious back problem.  All in all its probably better that my parents are not here, as I find I keep it together better on my own.  It did however suck to be the one to leave them a message on their vacation that said i had been in an accident.  As much as I didn’t want to mention it and ruin their vacation, I had told a friend, and my luck she would post a big ‘Hope you are recovering from your car accident’ on my wall before I could tell them.

Overall at this point I am a mix of worried and angry.  Because the roads were clear, and everyone else stopped, and there is nothing to stop this from happening again tomorrow.  I cant make people pay more attention and not tailgate.  All in all, Monday kinda sucked!


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