While yesterday was the slowly boiling pot, this morning it’s boiled over. I am worried about my back. I have decided that I can feel a slight bump along my spine a little higher up than I have been checking for back pain.

It may be nothing, even if it is a slightly bulging disc considering that my back pain is ongoing it had likely been there a while.  But I am panicking. A few things I have learned as a hypochondriac ilare that

1)your body is lumpy, if you feel around hard enough, and long enough you will always find something.

2)once you have “found” something if you press there long and hard enough if will hurt.

3)this place can also become red or swollen, giving new syptoms, because you have now bruised it

4)if you conciously focus on any kart of your body and think about it hurting or tingling or insert syptom here, it will. Not aways,but often.

All of the above makes it difficult for me to figure out when I am actually injured. 2 years ago I waited wayyyy to long for an actual knee injury, while 6 years ago I didn’t wait long enough for a mild strain. So for now I get to spend my days waiting / worrying it out.






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