So as I said in my earlier posts, its really hard to tell if you actually require medical attention when you are a hypochondriac. Today I felt my back pain was worse when standing on concrete, and better when sitting.  Then it disspeared entirely for a few hours.

In those hours I was distracted by a project.  When I stopped for a moment, and though, does my back hurt, it did.  Again this evening, my back twinged twice in 5 hours, when i thought about it.  I had friends over, and we were playing a game.  Now sitting here my back is a bit tingly, but I have to wonder, do I actually have back pain cause by a physiological problem, or is this pain entirely psychological. The pain doesn’t seem to exist when i don’t think about it, and I can’t be sure that the pain I am feeling has proceeded the thought, at least not in the last month. For now I am going to try relaxing, and maybe if it is still around in a week, I might see a doctor, just to be sure.

In the interim I need to not go insane from worry, so I use a few of the following strategies:

First I remind myself

  1. I always “find” something
  2. If you poke somewhere long enough, it becomes sore
  3. Its unlikely all the things i “have” will ever occur at the same time
  4. Even if it is “wrong’ with me, people have “X” and survive it, have surgeries, cope, etc.

If this doesn’t work I move on to

  1. A few deep breaths
  2. Try and think about something else for a while
  3. If mid-day go for a short walk, maybe get a tea
  4. Take a few sips of tea, focus on the flavor (orient myself)
  5. Try a placebo, even if you know its a placebo, sometimes it works. Researched backed
  6. Set a time limit, for example, when trying to sleep say if I check next time and its been 10 minutes, get up and read for 20 minutes to relax
  7. When trying to sleep, open your eyes and focus on something in the room, it helps orient you, and makes imaginings less vivid
  8. Blog, ie: write it out, talk it out, express your worry.
  9. Give yourself 5 minutes, I am going to be worried for the next 5 minutes, think out all the horrible catastrophes lurking, then start back at 1.

Now I am going to bed, late and without reading, but I am beyond dead.  Night all, and hope you have good luck getting to sleep quickly and easily


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