So the last couple of days I have spent quite a bit of time stuck in traffic going to and from work.  I have also spent a lot of time at work sitting at my desk.  When I get home I like to read, and watch TV.  These things have left me with a lot of pent up energy.

Anyone who knows me wouldn’t say I am an active person, I am not.  But I do have my walking requirements, and have been known to run back and forth across the house.  I have done this ever since I was a child, and as a 30 year old, Its a bit weird.  But it works for me, except lately because I haven’t even had time to do this.  So I have been stuck sitting in a chair. I actually made an excuse today to walk to the other side of the plant and back, that would usually take me about 25 minutes.  I did it and looked for someone in under 18.  Sitting confined, and thats how it feels, makes me hyperaware.

My thighs are uncomfortable from sitting, my back twinges, the tag in the back of my shirt is scratchy, and most importantly today was my shoes. My shoes are uncomfortable, a little tight or too loose depending on the socks I wear.  Today they were too tight.  Which usually would mean pulling up my socks and getting over it.  Today they became unbearable.  I spent 2 hours this afternoon dreading being asked to go get something spontaneously, as I wasn’t wearing my shoes.  I knew I couldn’t explain why I had taken them off, and it felt like everyone could smell my feet.

While this was worse when I was a child, every so often I have one of those days.  Where everything touching me feels too rough, too tight, and as an adult at work, not knowing it was coming there wasn’t much I could do but ride it out.  It was the longest, most uncomfortable afternoon I can remember.


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