So I went to work today, and marveled at how much better life would be if I weren’t a “girl”. I am not transgender, I don’t feel like I was meant to be a boy, its just some days I get up and think how much easier it would be if I didn’t have to be a girl.

Its that time of the month, meaning cramps, headaches and unstable stomach are the norm.  What really sucks though is the emotional instability.  I cried last night over the fact my dad watched a show on my netflix that I was watching, and therefore lost my place in it.  Well this would usually irritate me, it wouldn’t usually make me cry.  Neither would Downton Abbey, or  a few other ridiculous things that have happened this week.

It isn’t just this though, its the time it takes to be a presentable girl.  I have to have varied outfits, and buy expensive clothes, but girls clothes aren’t as cheap, and unlike guys there isn’t just a bag I can buy with a standard shirt in it, and a cheap pair of trousers.

The dress shoes are all impracticable, my feet hurt, because even the loafers I can find really aren’t meant to be walked in.  I went to Mark’s Work wear, and while there are 20 different shoes, all without laces, which means they won’t fit well with my high arches.  Men’s shoes come in many different styles, but really, women’s shoes are just meant to look pretty, and laces aren’t pretty.

I have to wear a laynyard with my badge on it, because most of the time I have no pockets, in either my shirt or pants to clip it to.  Why would I need pockets, they “ruin” the line of the pants. Why might I want to be able to carry something.  Like a pen, or a wallet, or my cell.

My hair is down to my shoulders, it looks nicer this way then short. I have to wash, brush and put it up every morning to make it look nice.  Really I want to cut it all off, it just gets in the way.  It seems that women’s stuff overall just isn’t designed to be practical, and really I just rather be practical than pretty.  Usually this is fine, with my hiking boots, jeans, and graphic tees, but 3 weeks in a formal environment is really taking it out of me.


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