So my innate lack of coordination has struck again.  This time involving a trip that led to my neck hitting the corner of a stationary object.  Ow.  Well not really, it doesn’t actually hurt at all unless I touch it. The scrape however is large, and unsightly.

What really concerns me though is that it is my neck.  So I have been worrying about it since it happened a little over an hour ago.  My main worry is that it has done serious damage, what if my throat swells up, and I can’t breath.  I have taken an ibuprofen, and iced it.  But the more I worry, the more I feel like I can’t breathe. When I get distracted though, it seems better, leading me to think that this is probably more psychological, than physiological. And as any person with anxiety knows, intense panic about anything, like stopping breathing in the middle of the night, doesn’t make it easy to breath.

I also worry about how I am going to explain this Monday at work, sorry, I tripped over my own feet and went neck first into the furniture.  Not exactly the impression I want to make.  Especially as a new employee, and a student hoping to work there later I really do want to make the best impression possible.  I am afraid that if I cover it with a bandaid, and the area bruises, like i expect it will, then it will end up looking like a poorly concealed hickey, which I don’t know if this would be better or worse than the truth.

Anyways, I am going to try to watch some tv, and stop thinking about this for a bit.  If any of my problems are real, they will get worse, if the aren’t they will get better fairly soon.


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