So as it was helpfully mentioned by a collegue yesterday, my flu like symptoms of Tuesday could have been carbon monoxide…I of course Googled CO poisoning to check the list if symptoms.

The are a bit off from what I had, but close enough to worry me.  I had nausea, tiredness and abdominal cramps. I did feel nauseated when I woke up though, which doesnt track with CO. Overall it makes me dread getting in my car. Now that I have reviewed a list of symptoms,  guess what, I have a bunch of them.

Most likely I am tired from a short sleep last night followed by a long commute in, but as you can imagine I am now imagining that I am dying of CO poisoning. I am tired, having coordination issues  (which just could be me). Since I have no stomach problems or dizziness I am saying for now that it’s likely not Co, but a part of me thinks it’s cause the commute the last 2 days have been shorter. I am going away for tge weekend, hopefully come Monday I will have forgotten my CO diagnosis and will be feeling better



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