So I turn 30 this year, still at the age where new moles pop up. For me new moles are hell.

I noticed one on the back of my leg this morning when moisturizing. I felt a little bump,  decided to look. Actually it may have been there a while,  have been assuming it was a pimple.  Now I have seen it.  It’s a small brown mole.

So of course as a hypochondriac I go to skin cancer. I was planning on making a doctor appointment for next month anyways,  and keeping an eye, seeing if it grows really is all you can do. Like a doctor wouldn’t do much else. It’s small and round .

But I feel like I can’t breathe.  Spent half my drive in like this. It’s a weight on my chest, and I can’t help but panic. I am trying to ignore it for now and by the time I get home it will look like skin cancer, because with how much I have rubbed at it, it can’t not be red

I tried an audio book in the car, but as soon as I got to work the panic was back. And J know going to sleep tonight will be absolute hell. It doesn’t help that I am overtired from staying up later last bought.  Anxiety it teaching new heights. Am on my break now, going to do my best to focus on work. Wish me luck!



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