As I have mentioned previously I have motor control issues. I have been accused of walking funny on more than one occasion. I also trip and  fall quite a bit.

What I really hate though is being 6old to be more careful. It doesn’t seem fair that people who can J7st walk around without worrying that they will trip over their own feet should tell me to be more careful. I am careful, I think about walking down the stairs every time I walk down the stairs. I really don’t have the option not to.

Tonight I smacked my foot into something. I have managed to break a toe. In all reality I should hAve been wearing socks. It prevents toe separation and decreasesthe liklihood of breaking a toe. But I don’t and now I  writing this half an hour after I should be asleep waiting for the advil to link enough to sleep.

I am dreading tomorrow. Less the pain of it and more the irritationof everyone telling me to be more careful. I didn’t do this on purpose, I wa trying to keep an eye on my feet  I really can’t put mora thought into walking than I already do.  Sometimes life just sucks


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