So I was at work today and overheard someone telling a collegue about her daughter. Her daughter just had tube and adenoids surgery. Apparently she always has congestion and they think she has fluid beind her ear drums. This will help.  She is about 5 from what I can gather.

Then she explains the problems her daughter was having with her hearing. Presumably due to the fluid. She often has to be called repeatedly to respond to her name. Her teacher often feel the girl can’t hear her in class. Mostly she has problems making out voices when there us a lot of background noise like a TV or in a classroom. She often zones out for long periods of time, presumably because she can’t hear properly.

Her mother believes it must be a hearing problem, but it makes me wonder, 2 surgeries later  if this is a hearing problem. She has taken he’d daughter to an ENT specialist, they ate looking for causes of hearing problems. I don’t know her daughter, maybe she is social and bubbly and I am reading it wrong, but still I wonder does she really gave a hearing problem, or is she having surgery to correct her autism.


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