I recently wrote an entry about being replaced by a robot, as I routinely fall back on what I like to call my social script.  In many situations, its much easier just to have a default conversation, I think everyone has them to some extent.  With the cafeteria lady its “hello” “medium coffee?” “Yes, or no” Hand the lady the money.  She hands me the change we say thank you, have a nice day, you too.  Its a thing

Last week I went to the full service gas station near work, because it was raining.  For most people this is easy, I find it a bit daunting.  I have to put the car in park, pop the gas tank, roll down the window and remember which gas to order, and that I want it filled.  Previously I have forgotten at least one of those, which gets a rather rude response from the guy pumping my gas. This time though, I got it right, and was fairly proud of myself.   I have gone about 4 or 5 times this winter, and in some pretty bad conditions, so I have been trying to figure out how to tip the guy, as I have seen one or two other drivers (out of about 20) do so.  S0 I am looking for a toonie (2$ coin) in my car to give this guy and he comes back sooner than anticipated.

He seems to be in a hurry so i quickly hand him my card, he gives me the machine and walks away, I push the buttons, tear off my own receipt to cut down on his time, and hand him the machine.  And he says something.  I wasn’t listening, because I wasn’t expecting it.  I already paid.  Anyways, he interrupts my window rolling up to say I don’t say please and thank you, and I should.  I apologized, and left mortified.  I haven’t been, and won’t be back.  It’s added a new element of anxiety to ordering that wasn’t there, and has taken a “treat” of getting my gas pumped by paying a bit more and ruined it for me.

In retrospect, given how rude he was on most those encounters, because I was new and wasn’t sure what to do, I think my lack of appreciation was sound.  That said, it wasn’t on purpose, I did this 4 or 5 times before I got ordering right, I hadn’t added Canadian pleasantries in yet.  A  week later I an still dwelling on this, it was upsetting to me.  It ruined my experience there, and while I should have remembered to say thank you, I still feel like rubbing it in wasn’t the right response for him.  I may actually complain to Sonic, I really enjoyed going there before, and I hate that this fear of “ordering wrong, or forgetting to say thank you, or having this guy be rude” has ruined it for me.

Anyone else avoid a place because they had a bad social interaction there?


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