So my back is hurting again. This time I know what started it, because all the muscles in that side started hurting when I was walking funny due to my broken tor last week. I also stayed late weds standing a long time on a cement floor, and since I had toe caps on I was walking funny again from my broken toe.

Since I knew the reason I didn’t really take it seriously as I should have and read in bed arching my back,satin bad chairsn, and a dozen othe small things I shouldn’t have the last two days.  Yesterday I Googled back pain, I know it was stupid, and It gave me the “red flags” of back pain….On of them is the loss of bowel control.

Of course I had to run to the bathroom all day, and had gas. I would like to point out I also was burping and had a runny nose and had to pee.  If you have an anxiety with physical syptoms you may recognize these symptoms as classic. So I tied to comfort myself that these weren’t so bad, and since two advil in the morning seemed to help the back pain all day all was well.

So last night I read for over two hours in bed, sat in the bad chair at dinner, basically decided my back should be fine. That was dumb. I woke up at 4 am and had to pee, but it took me an hour to get a pain free position to sleep in. It’s 8 now, I wanted to sleep in, but that’s not an option since there isn’t a comfy lying down position for any length of time.

So now of course I am panicking abouty back pain, which is stupid, because I know what caused it, why and what to avoid, but it won’t go away instantly do for the next few days I will be in a world of pain and worry of my own making. Apparently being  hypochondriac doesn’t always make you smart about prevention.


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