As of late there has been a lot of stress in my life, and as a result of this I have fallen back on bad habits.  Which has caused me to gain a bit of weight the last few months, a bit more than I had guessed actually.

I have been overweight for quite sometime, but with this recent gain I am at my heaviest ever, which was became apparent tonight when I couldn’t find something light to wear to work tomorrow because my summer clothes are a little too tight.

This sucks, partially because it was an emergent situation, so I needed to borrow something to wear tomorrow.  Partially though, because while maintaining my weight is hard, I find diet and exercise abhorrent.  I don’t like the textures of salads, and the fibre content in low calorie versions of things often upset my stomach. The change in food also has a tendency to throw my moods out of whack.  And I have managed to now destroy the little relaxation time I had, because now I need to use it for extra walking so that I can bring down my weight.

Worst is, now I am vaguely depressed about it.  It just brings me down, which isn’t much of an inspiration to go out and exercise.  You’ll probably be seeing quite a bit of this in the next few weeks, I guess its time to suck it up and slim down.


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