So I haven’t been around the last few weeks. Because with the exception of a few minor incidents tge anxiety has been under control. Until Sunday.

Sunday I started worrying about the week I had scheduled. Then I sat on my cat. Them I sent half the night working about the cat. Monday was a long tired day that I spent worrying about Tuesdays sample prep.

Tuesday wax dreadful till I got to sample prep, which went well. Last night was all about worrying about the after work party I have to attend tonight.

Then I woke up this morning and it kicked in to high gear. I was laying with my arm under my head, reading, when I noticed my lip felt funny. I panicked.  What if my fingers were numb. One was on my left arm. It was probably the position I was laying in. So I decided I must be having a stroke.

So I really panicked,  got up freaking out. Start breathing fast, and I feel off now. Dissociated even. I calm down and my fingers are better and everything seems okay. But now the hypochondriac in me wonders, do I go to the hospital. I have a doctors appointment Monday, it will be a 6 hour wait at the clinic and 24-48 at emergency. Hoe much of that  was possible mini-stroke and how much of it was panic attack.

No slurred speech,  hands were level, no pupil problems. I keep feeling tingly. But since it keeps happening at my scalp as well, and that’s only caused by anxiety I can’t figure out what to do.

Problem was solved for me. Someone asked me a question and I realized as I turned back that all my ‘symptoms’ dissappeared the second I was distracted, and only came back when I thought of them.

I wish I didn’t always jump to the worse case scenario


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