So this weekend has been eanxiety hell for me. Something minor will upset me a little and then it will come over me like a wave leaving me barely able to breathe.

My foot will be a little cold and then I am afraid it’s numb. Then j get tingly feelingd and I decide I  having a stroke.  Sometimes this makes me feel dissociated which makes the panic worse.

Last night I was seriously panicking, almost going to drive to emergency, and then this game I love that didn’t work with windows 8 started to open and for a minute u thoughts it would work. So I got the cd.  Then 5 mind later I realized it wouldn’t work. I realized my tingling and dissociation was gone. And then after thinking about it again it started coming back. Has been off and on since then when I am not distracted.

So basically this is all in my head. Going to the doctor tomorrow for my annual prescription renewals. I am going to mention the initial incident, and start looking into getting anxiety medication. I didn’t want it on my medical reports looking for a job, but I think not losing it might be more important.



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