So I went to the doctor and she said nothing to worry about.  Most of the time that is fine.  But when I get tired and slow down a little, or i lay on my arm or sit on my foot and it starts to fall asleep.  I panic a little. This lead to the feeling of tingly fingers.

This is getting worse as I type, because I am thinking about it.  I keep worrying its diabetes.  This doesn’t make sense, because when I get distracted it goes away.  Anxiety induced, and entirely psychosomatic.

I think this entire thing is because I have been working so much the last few weeks, and I haven’t even got a chance to catch up on sleep this weekend.  The problem with anxiety though is even though I know its not real, not rational, I still worry.  I can’t stop.  Which is why i am writing this blog rather than reading fiction.  Some days I just wish I were like everyone else.


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