OK,  so today almost everything went perfect. I has a low grade headache curable with ibuprofen. I tripped, but didn’t fall. I got to see all the panels u wanted to. I missed one or two small things, but they were filler anyways. The only thing still bothering me is my mouth. I have a small sore which hadn’t healed as much as I would like. I mainly attribute that to my tongue that won’t stay away from it, and a little anxiety making me check it out so much. But Google actually for once wasn’t terrifying and said, probably nothing, it it’s still there in two weeks get it checked out, but it’s still probably nothing.

I have one dat remaining and one more photo op to do, so I am hoping I can keep my lucky streak going. I changed my wardrobe for tomorrow to max comfort, as it’s way easier to stay relaxed when in good texture clothes than warm scratchy costume. Sometimes it pays to really know yourself


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