So tomorrow I will be working with flouric acid. A strong acid which basically terrifies me.

Someone else was supposed to etch my samples for me as it was considered to be too dangerous for a student to work with.

Then the lab supervisor decided it was fine to work with today. And so I had to f8nd out hat personal protective equipment I needed and basically it’s gloves and safety glasses. For an acid that doesn’t just burn skin but can eat through to your bones.

I can’t change this so for now I am going to avoid it. Think about other things and get some sleep.

Then  tomorrow, I am going to watch the demo and discuss  the safety procedures and first aid procedures and if I feel at that point it is unsafe I am going ask MY supervisor about having it done by someone else.

I do need to try and balance my anxiety/hypochondria with actual health and safety concerns. I will update tomorrow with the results of my day.


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