So I took my two days off,came back today and dud my etching. So my g9ves got wet from dome methanol run off which terrifiedme that it was acid. I washed my hands in the gloves and kept working.

They are acid gloves after all. So I had to move something and I did it with my gloves on. My acid free gloves. I am worried it was contaminated. So I finally finish,take the gives off and under the gloves my lab jacket is wet.  I am afraid it contaminated even though it’s really sweat.

So I put on my basic non acid gloves to move my samples. Because after all this fear I can’t touch them bare handed. I finush that rake off the gloves and jacket and wash my hands. Wipe down my face.

So now I am trying not to get the psychosomatic syptoms of hf contact. My skin feels like it’s burning. Cause its dry. I am parched, the lab is dry. Worried despite working the fume hood I inhaled s lot of acid. And I am afraid while air drying my samples some of the etgan9l splashed back  ontoy pants and shoes potentially getting acid on them even though the ethanol was to wash off the acid.

So I walked back to my desk 15 min, with my shoes undone cause I was too paranoid ro touch them. Trying to distract myself from my anxiety so that I don’t gp to medical for non existent acid exposure. One more day of this and they will all be done.  I could have finished them today, but I was wrecked after 1.5 hours of this.


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