So last night I felt a lump on my left knee. Of course the hypochondriac in me says cancer. My knee gas been bothering me a whole but not in the lump location. Mainly being caused by my back problems which i have knowingly been exacerbating.

So I have been rubbing it. For good reason, it if is just scar tissue rubbing helps dissolve it.  It now hurts when I rub it and when I walk. AZ U have stated previously, poke something enough and it WILL always hurt.

Once I got thinking about it, I d9ht think it’s new. I have a vague recollection of rubbing this part of my knee before with knee pain. Not even sure if it’s bigger, could just be I realized it wasn’t a symmetrical feature today.  Going to try a week of resting it when I can, anti inflammatoris and some ice tonight in case it is just an aggravated muscle to see if I can get it to reduce. I have no more time off so I can’t go to the doctor till September. So unless it gets much bigger or hurts a lot I am going to assume this isn’t cancer….

Don’t be surprised if I update at 2 am cause I can’t sleep because my new “cancer” self diagnosis


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