So that minor finger numbness thing I had a while back. That I completely freaked out about and tge doctor said was probably nothing. It happened again. Today with a little facial numbness in my lip. So the good news is I am not crazy, it is something. The bad news is that it’s something.

It happened again while laying in the same position after waking up, which makes me wonder if the positioning is what’s causing it. Actally I stopped sleeping on that side after last time for quite a while, then continued bit dojng it due to knee pain. I have started sleeping on that side repeatedly only for the last 2 weeks maybe. So I  king of wondering if this is in part because of that.

So really I should actually be at the doctor today, but I can’t. It’s the 3rd to last day I work here. I NEED this reference. I have spent too long unemployed, and done too much to get part being fired 4 positions ago to get the 3 references I need without people wanting to call that fourth job to screw it up by missing a day at the end.  Besides, the doctor who said to come back if it happened again only is in on Thursday’s so I can’t see her till then anyways.

So for now I panic. Like nose running, bathroom every 5 minutes, scalp tinging panic. I am trying to distract myself, To calm down, but I have such boring work to do its hard.

A second reason  I didn’t go in today is that tomorrow is my birthday? And if it happens again I will have to go in, but otherwise I rather not have to cancel my 30th birthday party due to health problems.  I  no longer experieCingular any numbness, it was gone in less than 6 mins, and I only feel any weirdness when I think about it, so it’s like all in my head.  I am also super anxious about getting stuff done for my party tomorrow. It’s gonna be a long day.


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