Yesterday and today are my last days of work. I have a ton of things to get done, and 2 days of all day meetings.  This has put me in an anxiety tailspin.

I spent most my day bored waiting for breaks to run around and finish things. So in those periods of boredom there is panic.  I was biting on my lip when it felt tingly and I nearly had a panic attack in my meeting.

So far this the third near panic attack I have had in these meetings. Yesterday I had a near miss when I realized my report was due today. And it’s cold in here, so I am borderline shaking from the arendalone overload and am chilly.

I also almost cried on the phone with a service rep abouy my car cause the department I was trying to reach wouldn’t answer the phone. I think too little sleep is probably the culprit. With 13/17 hours required for the last 2 days and a backlog of not sleeping over the month, I feel like 90% of this will be gone in a few days.



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