So today is the day of my doctors appointment. When I leave this appointment I will likely have confirmed nothing is wrong with me,  and have a prescription for my annual blood tests.

Right now though I  waiting. Ever since I got home last night I have been worrying about today. What if it is something? And now sitting in the waiting room it’s a million times worst.

I have even started worrying about follow up events. What if they want to test blood sugar. You have to fast fir that. But the lab doesn’t open till 10. So either I wait two weeks to go on a day I can come in for 10, or I cone for an 8:30 class and don’t eat from 5:30-10. Which from par experience leaves me dizzy and nauseated.

Right now the doctors waiting area is beside a construction zone with a jack hammer and the steady loud noise like a ticking click is driving me absolutely nuts as I  am waiting for an appointment that is already 5 mins late. I am the first appointment of the day.


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