So I went to the doctor.  Ultimately she said that I likely pinned a nerve in my arm.  The face could be anxiety, or since I have been leaning on my hand that could have temporarily impacted my face muscle.

However, to be on the safe side she ran the full battery of tests.  A complete blood work up, and a referral for a neurologist who would follow up if I had any more problems.  I haven’t called the neurologist yet. I thought I would wait a week before I even made the call, because it will be at least 2 weeks before I get the blood work back, and I really would like to have those results in hand.

Basically she said if it were something, diabetes, thyroid, iron, B12, were WAYYYY more likely to be the cause of any problems than a mini-stroke.  As my blood pressure was slightly high, which she said was common for someone 3/4 of the way through a coffee and anxious about a medical appointment, as an afterthought she decided to throw in a ECG (or EKG).  So I walk into the nurses office for the ECG, and she asked if I was having chest pains.  Well I wasn’t, BEFORE,  but I have been since, of course.  Because hypochondria sucks like that.  I also have a massive bruise from the blood test.

This is all been amplified by the never ending construction around my school.  Between the continuous noise and the ever changing paths I have to take to get to my classes which have been destroying my routine.  And as many of you know, routing is everything.


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