So tomorrow I am going on a road trip. Which means tonight I panic. I find this experience hard to describe to those without anxiety as even as I say it I feel stupid.

My lips are dry, so I rub Vaseline on and they tingle. I worry I am having a stroke. My fingers feel a little tingly,  I realize I  compressing my ulnar nerve. J stop it goes away, I worry I am having a stroke.

I have packed and repacked my purse, and changed my arranged outfit a few tones. My nose is running and I am going to tge bathroom ever few minutes.

So I roll over suddenly and feel a little light headed and I panic. Jump up and am slightly off kilter. Now I panic. As I Scio the litter I panic more. By te time I head to the washroom I  gagging even though I am not dizzy, off kilter or nauseated.

Usually a would read a bit but it is already late and I really need to get to bed . So I am going to drink some water and go to bed and hope like hell I wake up to be in the morning.

The worst part is I was doing so well. Didn’t worry about the trip until tonight. I had one, what I’d something happens and u can’t go thought and now an hour later I am a complete mess.


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