Ankle Recovery

So my ankle is slowly getting better. Which means the return of my hypochondria. Well it never left, it was focused on my fit,  but now that I can semi walk I have a tingly face again. Seeing my counselor on Tuesday following up after I had to cancel lady week. I always feel better after that.


Long Day tomorrow

Tomorrow is going to be an intensely long day on an unheard ankle and little sleep. ┬áThe latter because it’s an hour past my bed time and I am so wound up worrying about tomorrow I can’t sleep. Anxiety sucks

Not Broken, but Not Better

So ultimately there was nothing broken. I wasted an entire Sunday in the hospital. But it has now been 72 hours and my ankle is still all swollen and I have 0 range of motion. That said my ankle doesn’t hurt unless I try to move it on certain ways. Or it I you h that one spot that really hurts. So it seems like I will have to spend another day at this. It’s just such a waste of time!

Broken Ankle

So I have been doing well this past week. Apparently my blood test results showed a minor B12 deficiency. Likely correctable with diet. So I scheduled impromptu dinner with a friend for tonight.

And three steps our if my car I faceplanted. And my ankle Felt like it was on fire. So I hobble into the restaurant and my friend orders me a bag of ice. So I call home and arrange a pick up and decide to go ahead with dinner. Cause wtf I already injured myself.

Now J am at home trying to sleep. Heading to the hospital in the morning to find out if I am on crutches for 4 days or 9 weeks. And worrying about it so bad I can’t sleep. The ankle pain isn’t helping either.