So overall my sprained ankle has been a blessing in terms of anxiety.  With a set of exercises to do from physio and an injury to actually take care of overall it hasn’t been so bad…Then I hit midterms

I realized last Tuesday that I literally had to fail something, because otherwise I would drop  the ball on everything. Since then I have handed in 2 labs, done 2 midterms, have an assignment and have two left.  Last night I was so anxious about this i could barely sleep.  This morning I woke up and tried to sleep another hour, and woke up every ten minutes.  Which had me sleeping in my favorite phone reading position, with my head laying up on my upstretched arm.

Does anyone remember what happened the last time I slept like this?  Maybe the time before that?  Where I woke up with a tingling finger, and had a few minute episode with finger and facial numbness.  Guess what happened this morning.  Once I finished panicking I realized once again this had happened after a prolonged period in the same awkward position.  While it still seems off I can get both facial and finger numbness, it could be the neck arm combo that’s doing it.  But really once i realized this is the first time in 2 months I have laid like this, and this hasn’t happened since the last time I am seriously starting to think its entirely positional.

Anyways after putting it off I finally faxed in the referral to the neurologist, and decided it was time to go in for repeat bloodwork.  They couldnt read the bloodwork paperwork. I was late for class, I handed in a lab, half the pages were upside down.  I reprinted, forgot to do a section.  Couldnt log onto the computers to do that section due to a malfunction, got someone to print it and did it by hand.  Was late for physio, ducked out early, still missed my bus. Got home late.  Basically today just sucked.  And I still have an assignment I don;t know how to do and two more midterms this week.

Due to my never ending panic i keep getting facial sensations, which i know are fake, cause they aren’t even in the right area of my face to be lingering TIA symptoms from this morning. Now its bedtime if I wanna get an okay amount of sleep for tomorrow and I am so wound up sleeping is gonna be absolute hell. I only have counselling next week, and I kinda wish my appointments were more flexible. I was fine last week, probably will be fine next week.  Today, today I am not okay.


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