So today was better ish. Hypochondria wide I was doing wonderfully until 5 minutes ago I actually  for got I had anything not worry about until I realized it was bed time. We will see when I try o sleep . Last night was an unmitigated disaster. The overly abundant coffee last night kept me wired, and worse kept me peeing every hour till around 1am. That and I crawled into bed cold.  so between anxiety ,  caffeine, and cold I literally shook for  like 2 hours.

So tonigh even though I am tired I am.laying in bed for 15-20 mins trying to make sure I .warm enough when I try to sleep I won’t shake .

Anxiety today was hell. I was on edge due to lack of sleep all day, and almost cried 4 times. Ita sad I count not crying all day such a victory. But I was borderline breakdown all day. I think if it continues much longer j may just watch something really sad so I can cry it out. Wish me luck with bed


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