Like everyone else in the world I knew that advertising was manipulating us to buy things.  I know it does this to sell products, and doesn’t do it with malice in mind.  What I didn’t know until someone shared this on facebook that this is often done by manipulating out anxieties. I also never made the connection that while the news has a “if it bleeds it leads” philosophy, it markets to our more minor anxieties with every story.

As a hypochondriac i have always seen the “10 signs of blah that should never be ignored” articles and recognize them for what they are.  What I never noticed is the adds for boots and coats around the “coldest most snowy winter in years” articles.  Apparently there is an entire science devoted to making us shop for things to assuage fears, making us fear what could happen and read the article to find out.

I sprained my ankle last month, and have been doing physio.  I have a deep seeded terror that my ankle injury will turn this into a repeat of 2013/2014’s winter of 20 falls due to a knee injury.  I am not exaggerating there either, that like conservative.  There came a point where I just prayed to go a week without a slip on the ice, and a very bad week where I hoped only to fall on the way home so I wouldn’t get to school wet.  The thought of a cold, long, slippery winter is terrifying, and its being rammed down my throat everywhere to see me a new coat.  I will admit it worked, my old coat is shot, and I have been looking since I heard it was going to be cold. So while I see why they do it, the fact I have problems getting to sleep at night so someone can make more on winter products is disgusting.

While this isn’t the original article I read, it talks about a similar technique.


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