So today I woke up tired.  Which wasn’t surprising given how much  I have been screwing with my sleeping patterns the last two weeks.  Then I shopped for about 3 hours and exhausted myself.  I was surprised, I guess after so little activity due to my ankle I lost my endurance  quite a bit.  The good news is that my ankle didn’t hurt after 3 hours of walking.  Which is great news.

What bothered me all day was the phantom sensation of tingling in my face.  For lack of a better word it felt stretched all day.  So I continue to moisturize, fearing for the worst, hoping for the best.  At about 6pm,  I reach over for some vaseline for my lip and my  mother asks for it, and my dad.  Their lips are both dry as well, so I mention my face “suddenly” feeling stretched like its super dry, and my mothers is as well, and he legs, basically everything.  So in face the random sensations aren’t all that odd, and aren’t likely signs of some impending doom.  But I still worry.

I have just felt off, all day.  And I am not sure what it is. It could just be that having the entire day without focus after two weeks of hell in midterms could be leaving me feeling adrift.


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