So I took the day off today to relax. It gas not been relaxing.  My ear to cheek feels swollen and now I have chest pain.  No it isn’t a heat attack, this is half hour after consuming takeout and happened last night 30 mins after eating salsa. I know I get heartburn when I eat a large unhealthy meal.

The face thin has been an all day ordeal and it’s like now tat I am trying to relax my body can’t handle the lack if input and it just like, let’s hyperanalyze everything. I think this may be anxiety, because it went away when I forgot about it and now that I am writing about it it’s worse,oh, and I suddenly have to pee every 5 mins. Fight or Flight at its best.

This has been confirmed as I forgot about it for 5 mins, it all went away. I thought about it and the more I think about it the  more overwhelming it all seems. Oh and my mom mentioned how hot it was, I turned the heat off, it dropped down to 21 from 23 and I no longer feel all swollen.  I may have just been overheating


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