Right now I am a bit fuzzy.  I got a call and actually booked that neuro consult for next week.  And I am totally panicking about it.  What if are running through my head.  Logically I know it doesn’t matter if he says it was a stroke, or a brain tumor, or MS, or grinding my teeth, it won’t have been any less true than it was before the consult, and no amount of worrying will change that….Does that stop me from worrying, no, of course not.  And as for the fuzziness I woke up with a tension headache that wont quit, and since I have something to do tonight I kinda wanted to not feel like my head was falling off so i took a robax, then an hour later two acetaminophen when the robax didn’t help.

I am doing a paintnite event tonight, which is a few drinks while painting a picture. It would be relaxing, but, I have to find something to wear while painting.  It must be short sleeved so that my bruise from my blood test doesn’t show, my mom freaked last time and got all worried about my results.  Yes, anxiety runs in the family.  I found out I am invited to the networking dinner on Thursday, I don’t have a suit to wear. I have something kinda know, but i had to skip class and go shopping this morning.  My cat needs to go to the vet to get more flea meds,  and I need to see the dentist to get my night guard checked. Oh and Monday I have a design project, quiz, lab, and assignment due.

So to recap today I had to

1.Schedule a Neuro consults

2. Book a dentist appointment

3.Book a vet appointment

4. Get ready for paint nite

5.Get ready for thursday nights networking dinner

6. Work on and schedule all the stuff do next week.

And last but not least after scheduling all those appointments, attend them all in the next week all while studying and writing all the reports I have do.  No idea why I am a little overwhelmed at all.


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