As I said yesterday I dont wait well. Now today I am waiting the 45 minutes until my netwprking dinner starts. I am anxious. That dry patch of skin is irritating me again. I keep getting stretching feelinga in my face and I have a eash on my legs. My headp feels foggy.

Yesterday when induglijg my hypochondria I found a blog where swveral people has the same stretching feeling, they all got the same diagnosis, anxiety. The fog is from only 6 hours of sleep, combined wth my period. I still half have the headache.

Once again i awoke in the middle of the nigth with a rondom tingling. I would like to point out i wake up i themiddle of the night almost every nkgth 2-3 times.  Whats new is th checking aspect. I used tl roll over and go back to sleep. Now i check to see if anything is tingly and try mot to lay on my left side. something is often tingly, you have a temdemcy to trap arms and legs at weird angles while sleeping. Probably the reason you wake up to move in the middle of the night. No though i panick, often get out of bed, and take 20-30 mins to getback to sleep. Its ramping up my anxiety and I am no very tired.


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