So its 9pm, I gotta be in bed by 11 latest, and I am completely wound up.  I have to finish referencing a paper, I have one question on it I know I did wrong, tomorrow is going to be early, long and painful.  Last time I had a day like this I had one of my “strokes”, I have an appointment Wednesday with the neurologist and I am completely upset by that.  My mother is angry at me and I cannot calm down.  No idea how I am going to get to sleep tonight, and its looking like its gonna be long and unpleasant getting to bed tonight.

Just when I was taking a quick break to wind down a little, the character has a heart attack on the show I am watching, and while they are fine I start wondering if anything I am feeling indicates a heart attack.  Even though I had an EKG that said I have never had any heart problems, and my cholesterol is good.  Tonight is a night where I am going to have to pull out all the stops.


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