So I went to the neurologist today, and he said that he needs to run a few tests to make sure its nothing else, he is 99% sure I have migraines. Actually he had two suggestions, migraines with auras and epilepsy, but  since the episodes last minutes the later is unlikely.  The moving numbness is not indicative of stroke.  Basically those tension headaches I have always got from grinding my teeth, not actually tension headaches.

What I never knew is that tension headaches are bilateral, both sides of the head, my headaches are always only on the left side, and radiating outwards.  Also, while tension headaches hurt, the intense can’t sleep kind of pain and the I can’t concentrate in the middle of the day kind of pain, are not symptoms of a tension headache.  Apparently they are mild.  It has been a correlation not causation relationship.  I get both with stress, and plain makes me clench my teeth.

What I have is better known as migraine with aura’s.  While I knew you could get low blood pressure, and visual auras with migraines, and both of these things without the headache, I did not know that hand and facial numbness were a migraine thing.  While even google couldn’t identify the moving numbnedd before, migraine with aura;s has it pop up in the first result.  I guess even hypochondriacs need to got to the doctor some times.


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