So finals are starting up in a few days, and my anxiety for sure will ramp up as I get ready to not fail one of my final semesters.  I have been pretty much good the last couple of days.  I got a call back from the doctor to discuss my B12, so I am guessing it’s still low.  Strangely that makes me feel much better.

I think because between that and migraines all my random aches and pains are explained.  I mean they weren’t all in my head, and they definitely weren’t as bad as my rampant hypochondria made them out to be, but there was something.

Another great reason to feel better is, it’s curable.  If I can regulate my B12 all my random symptoms should go away.  A lack of B12 induces migraines, so they may get better.  It also has psychological impacts, and can amplify pre-existing conditions, so it may even reduce my anxiety. Overall I am pretty hopeful right now, and may actually get back to writing about Asperger’s/Autism now that I am not “dying”.


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