So my pause was brief, and with an exam tomorrow the sciatic pain from my back is a blood clot in my thigh, the sore muscle in my shoulder a swollen lymph node, and after today’s blood test, which took 3 sticks, I am dehydrated.

Only the last one is real by the way.  I now look like a junkie from the track marks, but at my doctor’s appointment today she recommended checking for the bacteria that causes stomach ulcers to see why I have re-flux, if I don’t she wants me to see a gastroenterologist to see why I have re-flux.  Really as long as the losec helps I don’t care why, but I agreed, and was painfully treated for it.

Because I am dehydrated, given the failed sticks, I wanna make sure I am hydrated for tomorrow and am now straddling the line between adequate hydration, and not to hydrated i spend the night peeing.  I have checked my stuff twice, so I should be find for morning.  I even added a watch so I could keep time in the test.  Every time I think of it my nose runs, Yes, I packed tissues as well. I am in full panic mode, and I have taken break in the hope I will be able to get in a little more studying once I wind down a bit. You may hear from me again in the middle of the night, but here is to hoping not.


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