So what I would kill for right now is a hug. Tight and warm. But it won’t be happening.  99% of the time I don’t like being hugged, touched really either. The only way I have managed to enforce the stop touching me thing is by making sure everyone know I don’t like it and not to. But on nights like tonight I regret that,  because I don’t know how to get what I want and there will be no spontaneous gestures forthcoming.


One thought on “Wanting a Hug

  1. My 16 year old son has Asperger’s (AKA-High Functioning Autism) and he does not like to be touched or hugged. He has been that was since he was a baby. I do Hug him at bedtime and whenever I can sneak one in but I know it is uncomfortable for him. My 13 year old is the opposite and will anyone and everyone. LOL Anyway ((Hugs)) and the best part is they are Virtual ❤ So no touching required!! Hope Things are Looking Brighter for You ❤


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