So not literally, but for the first day I seriously wondered.  Two days later I am much better, but seriously wondering if I have a pinched nerve.  Not free till Tuesday, and if it’s still a problem it will be a trip to the hospital for me.

I was on the way to an exam down some slippery wet stairs, I knew they were slippery.  I rounded a landing, and slipped before I reached the next railing and bang, landed HARD on my coccyx.  The fact I had to sit through a 3 hour exam after that, then finish my Christmas shopping was unpleasant. Sleeping was horrific, and now I am paranoid that mandatory left side sleeping will leave me with another “stroke” incident.

It’s also why I haven’t been blogging despite the new ideas.  Until today I couldn’t sit in a typing position at my laptop or in any position that would leave both hands free to type on my tablet.

I am now living in constant anxiety of falling again and doing serious damage to an already injured area, and, because someone up there hates me I am in for 2 days of ice rain, cause nothing to increase that fear like forecasting pure ice everywhere right up till my final exam.  Oh and I can;t go to the movies or brunch I had planned for the weekend cause I can’t sit.  No Rogue One till after Christmas.


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