I must admit I drive most places. Public transportation in my area is a joke. Usually when I do take it I take it from a place near a campus so it’s a drive then a walk to get there but it’s end of the line comes every 20 mins during the week and it isnt so unpleasant.

Tonight it’s the weekend and I am heading downtown for a student /social function and there is no way downtown.  While I was offered a ride home I had no way of getting there without driving part way. So I am taking a bus, midway through its route.

I panicked the entire time I would get on the wrong bus, or the right bus going the wrong way. Miss the bus, not have money for the bus, and the list goes on. Getting home will be interesting, and I haven’t even transferred to the metro on the way there and I already am concerned how difficult it will be to get home.


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