When I saw this vid, and got to the end I almost cried


Today Worrying About Tomorrow

So, I am sitting in class.  I am not paying attention.  I am not doing my assignment.  I am worrying about not having enough time to get my things done tomorrow.  I am worrying about how I am going to get home from class today.  How late it will be, how tired I will be.  I am already exhausted.

I have done very little today, but it seems between the cold and the worrying about how little time I am going to have tomorrow, I have already used my daily allotment of energy.

I am already thinking about cancelling a free gym trial for the second time that I have planned for tomorrow.  I feel if I spent even half as much time as I currently spend worrying I would have the energy to actually do things, rather than just exist.

Sensory Toys

So I went to a tech fair this week. And 95% of things I picked up were pamphlets and pens.  Because I didn’t need any more random shit in the house.  Bur on impulse I picked up the items shown in the picture featured.  The truck is a stress ball, and the other a cooling bag.

Basically i have spent the last two days squeezing them. And now with the cold bag looking at it held up to the light.  I gotta admit it has kept me quite entertained.  Now my parents are coming back from vacation, and I feel the urge to hide  my toys, because at 30, playing with a cold bag becomes an oddity.

Anyone else have sensory toys, hidden or otherwise?